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Paying It Forward: Reasons You Should Mentor Young Artists

Whether your first great art mentor was your kindergarten teacher or whether you did not meet him or her until later in life, we can all agree that there is someone that has had a substantial impact on our talent. As…

Salt Lake Film Festival

Here is a great deal!!! Students with a student ID can pay 1 dollar (that’s right 1 dollar!) for a matinee at the Salt Lake Film Festival this weekend. Check out this link for more information.
BEAU is a sponsor!…

24 Hour Comic Day challenge hosted by BEAU


24-Hour Comics Day is an event held around the world which challenges writers and artists to create a full 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours.
Thousands of artists take the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge every year!
Host: BEAU

BEAU and Nas at the Twilight Series

The BEAU team was at the Nas concert, Thursday, July 19th.
More than 20,000 people showed up for the show. The rapper’s presentation of his latest hit release “Life is Good” was a hit!
The Twilight Concert series runs every Thursday…

Volunteer at the Twilight Series!!

Volunteers needed for the Twilight Music Series! Remember to stop by BEAU’s booth at the concerts.


Blaze football, BEAU students and staff equals good times

Saturday, June 23rd BEAU and the other Broadview Schools sponsored a Utah Blaze game.  Students and staff were able to throw some t-shirts (branded with both the Blaze and Broadview) into the crowd.  The crowd had the chance to…

BEAU participates in focus group to help Spy Hop

Rando Schmook represented BEAU at a Spy Hop focus group on how to add value to their delivery of services. The group discussed how Spy Hop has been successful and what is needed in the future to continue…