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TML Studios & BEAU interns

Broadview Entertainment Arts University is in the unique position of having companies to work with right within the same building.  The fourth floor houses comic studios, animation studios and more.  One of these companies is Too Many Legs (TML) Studios. TML Studios is an animation studio in Salt Lake City with years of experience in client work (commercials, cartoons, advertisements, video games) and now they are starting to create their own intellectual property (IP).  Their latest project is a short film called “Bimey and Thankskicking”.

Dean of Education Mark Sorenson sat down with TML Studios and two BEAU interns and asked them about the project.

How did this project come about?

Bimey has been around for several years, starring in a children’s book, a video game, and a few animated shorts. Since he was our foray into IP ownership, we decided he should be the star in our new holiday shorts!

Who were the students involved?

Jessica Bigby illustrated the background, Sterling Felker designed our character “Beatrice” and Logan Beard provided Foley sfx.

How did they become involved with the project?

Jessica has been an intern since October and did a wonderful job on a background piece we used for our Halloween party. Sterling is a new intern and wanted to focus on character design, and Logan is interning on a live action project working Foley and offered to help on this as well.

Was there any training involved?

There’s always training when working on a new project. These interns specifically were able to have their skills honed in to match the “peanuts” design we were going for by professionals in the studio.

Are you happy with their performance?

We’re extremely happy with their performance. They’ve worked well as a team, and have been very open and accepting of feedback and critique which is critical in any type of growing artistic environment. Jessica is a student in the Comic and Sequential Art Program who has been interning for TML Studios for a quarter.  She comes in three times a week and focuses on backgrounds and character work.

What is a typical day like for you?

Usually if they have something they give it to me to draw it.  They will let me know if it’s close or if something needs to be changed.  I’ll usually sketch ideas before they have me go with one.

Do they offer you feedback on your work?

Yes, I get professional feedback and mentoring.  The studio goes over design principles and helps me work with software.

What software are you using?

For coloring I’ll use Photoshop and Manga Studio. For this project I wasn’t going to work on it, but I made a sketch of the environment and they really liked it and ended up using it.

Do you feel like the internship is helping prepare you to become a comic artist?

The internship has helped me with my character designs and digital coloring.  My drawings are more realistic and they have me working on cartoons.  I’ve also gotten much more comfortable with coloring digitally. Sterling, a student in the Comic and Sequential Art program, has been interning for about a month and a half.

What is the process usually like?

Usually the art director or studio manager will have me work on characters.  I’ll do stylization practice or concept design.  There’s a lot of emphasis on developing my skills and making my work ready for the production process.

What did you do for the Thankskicking project?

I designed a character sheet for the parody of the Lucy character and came up with color palette and character turn arounds.

How has the experience been?

Been a great experience.  Really educational.  I’ve learned a lot.  Looking forward to future development.