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Battle of the Bands

BEAU held a battle of the bands event in the Spring of 2016. Tryouts were held and there were six bands chosen to perform. Each band chosen was given the opportunity to use the BEAU recording studio and record one song from their performance. With the help of our talented students, we put together a compilation album called Beau Battles vol. 1. The winner of the Battle, Newborn Slaves, won an entire studio album recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by students here at BEAU. This project gave students an exciting, hands-on experience in recording musicians and working with the professional audio equipment in our studio.  (listen below).






“Riding On A High” (Original song by Newborn Slaves)

“It All Unwinds” (Original song by The Dockets)

“Stone Shelter” (Original song by Hallovved)

“Track 3” (Original song by Monster Reality)