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Alumni Dustin Craig

BEAU recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dustin Craig, one of the most distinguished artists to graduate from BEAU.  Dustin is a professional comic book artist and has managed to become one while attending school.  As a graduate/professional, Dustin shares some of his memories and thoughts on school, art, and the path to becoming an artist.


Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Dustin.  I’m a comic book artist.

How do you work?

I write the script, sketch it out, ink it, color it, render it, and then publish.

Do you have a favorite artist?

I was mostly inspired by Tom of Finland.  He had a hyper masculinity to his art.

Instructors tell me you’re one of the most talented artists BEAU has seen.  What did you focus on?

I focused my entire education on comics.  I would think about what my instructors said critically.  I would mostly focus on the tiniest details. What I tried to do the most was take critiques to heart.  I also learned from other student’s critiques and applied them to my work.  I learned to take pride in my work.

dustin-artwork-fullWhat were some of the most memorable homework assignments?

I had an interior fantasy drawing project where I drew the inside of an imagined Io station on Jupiter’s moon.  In 3D III Sculpture, I built a character from bone, to muscle, to skin using clay.  In my screenwriting class I wrote a 45 minute script for a short film.

What were some of your favorite memories at BEAU?

In Write Club, I enjoyed being able to critique other people’s stories outside of the classroom.  We don’t tiptoe around our critiques.  We said exactly what we wanted to say.  I also liked game club and playing Magic the Gathering during game night.

What were you most proud of?

Doing real-life experience as class credit.

What led to your first published work?

A professional writer mentioned on Facebook that he was looking for an artist.  I was interested in his story and showed him my work.  At the time I didn’t have a professional website (oops) but I sent him some samples of my work.  Just from the samples I was hired on the spot.

What was that process like?

He gave me the script.  I would send in sketches, he approved, I would send in inks, he would approve.  It was that same approval process for coloring and rendering.  After I sent it all to him so that he could edit it, he published it for us.