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Font: the Art You See Everywhere. Learn Lettering Give Your Designs An Edge.

You see the work of graphic designers every day without realizing it. The font you are reading right now is no exception. If anyone ever told you that you have good handwriting, that’s a skill you can turn into a job designing fonts and lettering. Writing is a big market for artists. It combines creative aesthetics with technical skill and discipline.

When you read a book, see a movie poster, or look at the logo on a business card, you are looking at art. A designer was paid to design the letters you are reading. Lettering is a subtle art. When done well, people may not even notice it. But when font is poorly designed, it is unreadable.

When companies need to make a good impression with their logo, their advertising, or their website, they need good lettering created by a graphic designer. So today, let’s look at some of the different markets for graphic designers creating of fonts, lettering, and logos.

Font: Designing the Words People Read

When it comes to designing letters, there are different challenges depending on the task. Designing a font is one of the most constrained forms of art, since at the end of the day, letters have to be familiar and words have to be easy to read. Even slight distortions in letters can make them look lopsided or make them difficult to read.

Designing fonts has been a job since the printing press was invented, but in the digital age it has taken on a life of its own. Now everybody can change fonts with a single click of their mouse, and a signature font is a key part of creating a distinctive look for a company’s website and promotional materials.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe all employ designers to constantly adjust and refine their fonts. This makes their software and documents easier to read, as well as more elegant and expressive. Designing a good font can be a massive team effort, but you can also do it yourself with free software found online.

Lettering: Giving Products a Distinctive Look

When you see the cover of a book, a movie poster, or an album cover, you may at first think that the words are just written using a font, but more than likely, they were designed by hand. Custom lettering gives a design a polished, professional look because every part of each letter was designed to perfectly fit the overall presentation.

Designers who do custom lettering are highly specialized artists who create evocative patterns using lines and curves to make words. And their work isn’t just seen on the printed page: many of the credit sequences you see at the beginnings of movies use custom lettering in every frame, specifically designed to define the feeling of the movie before a single word is spoken.

Logos: Defining a Company with Art

Although not all logos use letters, many of them do, and those are an important part of a company’s visual style. The lettering style of logos for brands such as Coca-Cola and IBM are instantly recognizable, and registered trademarks of those brands.

Designing a logo is a challenging exercise. It must be simple, bold, and clear, but it must also convey a lot of information about the company. The artists use their understanding of human psychology to create letters that may seem simple, but evoke specific feelings in the people who see them. The choices they make will determine how the rest of the world sees a company, and that’s why companies are willing to pay artists to carefully design every last detail of each letter in their logo.

So next time you wonder if there really is a market for artists in today’s world, look around you. You’ll see the work of artists every where you turn. If you are interested in learning more about designing lettering and logos, then check out the specialization in Graphic Design at BEAU, where you can learn to become a graphic designer.