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Program Spotlight: Learn to Make Video Games with BEAU’s Game Art Specialization

If you’ve ever wanted to see your drawings come to life, game art and designing video games gives you an amazing opportunity to see that dream come true. The Game Art specialization in BEAU’s Visual Design BFA program prepares you with the skills you need to work in the one of the many careers available for artists joining the video game industry.

With games on cell phones, computers, consoles, social media, and VR, the market for video games is larger than ever. It also demands an understanding of rapidly changing technology that can sometimes make your head spin. You can start out making simple games at home without any training, but if you want to take your game art to the next level, you’ll need to learn how to use the wide variety of tools, techniques, and software that keep the game industry on the cutting edge, and that’s what makes BEAU’s Game Art specialization so useful.

2D Art and 3D Modeling Turns Your Imagination into Video Games

Game art combines several different types of art and design to create one amazing product. At BEAU, students in Game Art start out with classes in two-dimensional art, which is still used for lots of games. They learn to draw and paint concept art, and learn to make models, first with clay, and then in computers.

Art for video games isn’t just digital. There’s still a need for pencils and paper, and often game artists also work with clay. Sculpted models can be essential references as you attempt to turn a stylized piece of concept art into a working 3D model in a computer. Using physical models in the studio can also be good for experimenting with lighting to make sure your effects look natural in the game.

Animation Makes Game Art Come to Life

But art and models aren’t what bring a game to life. That comes with animation. As games have made the transition from 2D to 3D, animation has become a much more complex task. There is a daunting array of scripts and engines that allow games to simulate physics, and you can easily learn from experienced professionals who use a number of different animation programs at BEAU.

These days, 3D animation isn’t just for video games. It’s also used in special effects for movies and virtual reality simulations. Just like in movies, some games filming actors in full-motion-capture suits with green screens to get fluid, natural animation. BEAU’s program is closely connected with other specializations in the Visual Design BFA program, giving you a broad range of skills to keep up with a quickly changing industry.

The Game Art specialization at BEAU is a unique entry point into the world of entertainment arts. It brings together different traditional artistic skills with cutting edge technology, so you can create games everyone wants to play. If you are interested in becoming a game artist, check out the specialization in Game Art in the Visual Design program.