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Take the Starving out of Starving Artist: BEAU’s Graphic Design Program Focuses on the Jobs

There is always at least one person in your life who tells you that art isn’t a real job. Maybe they’re a family member who says an art career isn’t “reliable.” Maybe they’re a co-worker telling you to stop daydreaming about being an artist. They think all artists are starving artists, pining after their muse, waiting for someone to recognize their talent.

What they don’t know is that artists work hard to create opportunities and have skills employers need. That’s why artists pursue degrees in subjects like graphic design—and finding reliable, real-world jobs is what the graphic design program at BEAU is all about.

A Diverse Program for a Growing Industry

These days, art is all around us, and companies need artists to make it happen. Graphic designers work on web design, company logos, commercial products, video effects, and much more. You need diverse skills to take advantage of this market, though, and that’s what BEAU’s graphic design program provides.

The program isn’t just about the fundamentals of how to draw better, though there’s that as well. BEAU courses teach you how to integrate graphic art into a variety of situations, using the digital technologies and tools that working artists need every day.

Classes such as Designing for Mobile Applications and Visual Effects focus on integrating graphic design into new types of media, while other courses like Branding and Identity help you translate your art into something that can represent a company. Each course introduces you to new opportunities and new directions to develop a career using art.

Experienced Instructors Who Work in Graphic Design

Practicality is at the heart of graphic design. BEAU’s teachers understand this because they are also working professionals who have years of experience making a living as graphic designers. Teachers such as Dave Kafton (whom we recently interviewed) bring practical experience, personal passion, and extensive expertise to the classroom. They are living proof that you can make a career out of art, and they teach at BEAU because they want to help students build their own careers.

A Strong Foundation for a Stable Career

Making a successful career in the arts isn’t easy. Then again, when was it ever easy to make a successful career out of anything? But these days, art is more important than ever, thanks to digital media. Companies need artists who know how to use the latest technologies to make art for the latest platforms.

You know this. You’ve got ideas. You are looking for the training to make it happen. BEAU’s graphic design program is the place to develop the experience that employers are looking for: using the latest software, working internships, interfacing with clients, creating designs that make an impact. And that’s what makes graphic design the kind of career Mom would be proud of…and you won’t even have to wear a tie.

Learn more about the graphic design program at BEAU or contact us to find out more about the program.