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Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Highlighted Artists

Get ready for expensive pizza, Batman costumes, and breathtaking original art and sculpture. Comic Con 2017 in Salt Lake City is just around the corner, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. We’re a university that trains illustrators and graphic artists, so you’ll understand if some of our faculty nerd out a little when September rolls around.

For this week’s post, we wanted to give a shout out to some of the AMAZING local talent who we’ll be hunting down the weekend after next. These creative professionals work in the industries they love—which means they’re just the kind of people we’re trying to help students become.

Meet: Jeff Miracola

What do Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and World of Warcraft have in common?

Actually, two things:

  1. They’re awesome.
  2. Jeff Miracola contributed to all three as a professional illustrator.

He’s been working as a fantasy and sci fi artist for 23 years. In that time, he’s created hundreds of beautiful paintings, many of which the savvy gamer will recognize as concepts and characters from Magic cards and WoW. Mr. Miracola doesn’t keep his incredible talent all to himself. He shares tips, techniques, and insight on his YouTube channel.

Meet: Howard Lyon

Born and raised in Arizona, Howard Lyon too has a long history of contributing to World of Warcraft and Magic. He studied illustration at BYU, and now lives with his wife and three children right here in Utah. Also, he specializes in troll and dragon art.

Learn more about his art, career, techniques and tools on his personal website.

Meet: Mike Lovins

Mike Lovins isn’t just a 20-year veteran commercial illustrator who made his way from sunny Los Angeles to snowy Utah. He’s an artist who created his own futuristic action comic called We Go Anywhere—available exclusively online.

He graduated with an emphasis in the arts from Salt Lake City’s own Utah Valley University. Look him up—he’ll be at the SLC Comic Con all three days.

Meet: Tom Spina

Who is Tom Spina? A sculptor. An effect artist. A themed-furniture and home decor designer. As if all that isn’t enough, Tom Spina makes custom Star Wars props!

Tom’s art career began when he was inspired by the aliens in the Star Wars cantina scene. His specialty? Props and practical effects. He sculpts and creates life-size characters, weapons, chairs, and masks for commercials and videos.

Want to meet him? He’ll be speaking on a panel called Behind the Star Wars Cantina Thursday and Friday in room 250A from 4pm–5pm.

Meet More Artists

Those are just a few of the creative warriors we’re hoping to see and learn from this year. They’re talented, they work hard, and they have a history of contributing to the imagination media that inspired many of us to become artists ourselves.

If you’d like to browse a list of all the artists who’ll be sitting on panels this year, check out the official SLC Comic Con featured artists page. And if you’d like to start down your own creative (and possibly geeky) career path, take a look at one of BEAU’s six degrees in audio engineering and visual arts.