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Trending Artists to Watch: Spring 2017 Edition

The weather is warming up, flowers are in bloom, and summer is in sight. With the arrival of a new season, there are some trending new artists that are surging in popularity in a variety of different mediums that you need to know.

Hannah Modigh (Photography)

Hannah Modigh is a Swedish photographer and graduate of the Royal Institute of Art. Her haunting photographs are reminiscent of the work of photographers that captured the poverty-stricken families living in the West during the Dust Bowl. Her subjects are human beings, taken in a candid fashion so that the viewer gets to experience the life of the subject from the point of view of a voyeur.

Some of Modigh’s most internationally acclaimed work has focused on human suffering, and specifically on the suffering that takes place after a specific event. From photographs taken the morning after a drug-induced party binge to those taken of individuals coming to terms with their new normal following a natural disaster, Modigh has a way of capturing authentic moments without her subjects losing their authenticity. Modigh captures powerful, poignant moments in the lives of people who feel invisible and powerless in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


Gina Beavers (Painting)

Gina Beavers is a native of Athens, Greece, a New York-based artist, and a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago. Beavers creates stunning pieces that are characterized as sculptural relief paintings. Featuring realistic 3D portrayals of food items, she uses acrylic to create raised, life-like textures in her objects that make it seem like you could reach over and take a bite.

Instead of using foods from her own life experiences to capture in her work, she is a huge lover of social media. She scrolls through the countless, curated food photographs on Instagram to choose those images to translate into her unique painting style. From chicken and waffles to chili hotdogs, Beavers’s pieces look delicious. Her focus on such an approachable subject, and her ability to choose powerful images from the avalanche of so-called “food porn” photography available on Instagram, make her work well-admired by all.


Mutsu Crispin (Sculpture)

Mutsu Crispin may sound like the name of a foreign sculpting master, but it is instead the artistic alias of Atlanta, Georgia native John DiGeorge. Bright and talented from an early age, he is a graduate of Harvard University, and has dabbled in many different mediums and genres, including filmmaking, acting, and even artistic welding.

One of his most well-known projects focuses on a commonly owned childhood toy, the bouncing ball. By placing bouncing balls of different colors into different patterns pressed between large sheets of clear plexiglass, Crispin created a fascinating collection of pieces that had critics raving. He continues to create a wide variety of projects, and he is currently finishing a feature film, dabbling in choreography, and even spending some time with costume design. With unbound creativity, expect to see Crispin’s work pop up everywhere.


Casey Jane Ellison (Animation)

Casey Jane Ellison is a superstar of animation and performs standup comedy in her spare time. A self-proclaimed feminist born in Los Angeles, California, with a degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, she currently resides in New York. In addition to focusing much of her work on her own life and poking fun at her personal story and experience, her work often has political and social justice undertones, likely influenced by her mother’s work as a civil rights attorney.

Sometimes, her work has a hauntingly self-deprecating tone that causes the viewer to pause and realize that without a laugh track, comedy can be cruel, especially when the subject of ridicule is oneself. Ellison is also a talented writer, and her works have been featured in a variety of written publications including GQ magazine. As with many talented animators, her ability to craft the written word is what takes her animations to the next level.


Cooper Jacoby (Sculpture)

Cooper Jacoby is an American sculptor, born in Princeton, New Jersey, and now living and creating in Los Angeles, California. His love of minimalism, and his ability to craft beautiful wall sculptures from seemingly incompatible materials have catapulted him to fame, and he has quite a cult following in the art world. His genius manipulation of “found objects,” including everything from dirty pennies to x-ray film to a stolen magazine rack, have led him to international fame. A leader in the modern political minimalism movement, Jacoby’s art installations are marvels themselves, and he often manipulates the gallery to force viewers into interacting with his pieces on his terms. Architectural and haunting, Jacoby’s work is not to be missed.


Nejc Prah (Graphic Design)

After a quick glance at Nejc Prah’s colorful and comical designs, it might surprise you to learn that he works as a freelancer for BusinessWeek Magazine—however, his aesthetic speaks to the masses. A Slovenian and recent graduate of Yale University, Prah is on the rise. His ability to manipulate gradient in the most delicate of ways, his masterful use of eclectic, bright colors as well as black and white, and his ability to bend shapes help to elevate the seemingly benign nature of the illustrations featured in many of his works. Some of his most famous pieces memorably feature chores such as taking out the trash and laundry day. Font is one of the most important aspects in Prah’s work, and his stunning use of typography often catapults his works to an entirely different level of outstanding.


As you familiarize yourself with these exceptional artists, pay close attention to the details of their work that make them unique. Part of your experience at BEAU will be to find your unique voice so that you, too, can reach your fullest potential.