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Springing into Creativity

Crazy weather and an unusually warm winter has everyone ready for the arrival of Spring! As this season of regrowth and dreamy temperatures nears, the desire to snuggle under a blanket and watch TV by the fire quickly diminishes and most people find themselves energized to tackle tasks that have been put to the wayside during the Fall and Winter months. While gearing up for Spring cleaning should absolutely be one of the tasks on your to-do list, Spring is a great time to recharge your creative battery, too. Here are several ways you can use the newness of Spring to spur a new wave of creativity and get your artistic juices flowing.


  • Visit your local botanical garden.

Within driving distance of every city in the continental United States, there is a botanical garden just waiting to be explored. Most of these gardens-whether supported by public funds or private donations-often hold special events as Spring approaches and the majority of the featured plants are in bloom. These gardens have countless flowers and gorgeous greenery to inspire even the most burnt out creative. From the colors of the petals to the amazing smells that will surround you, a botanical garden can provide you with hours of enjoyment and inspiration. Bring a sketch pad or even just your cell phone camera. Explore each area. Walk around. Sit on a bench and people watch. Connecting with nature is a great way to reconnect with the outdoors after spending the winter bundled up indoors.


  • Put your green thumb to use.

Even if you have never been successful in growing, or keeping alive, a plant, Spring is a great time to give it another try. As local plant nurseries and home improvement stores are flooded with inventory, it is a great time to get a deal on the supplies you need to start your very own mini-garden. Whether you choose to focus on one plant or to go all out and begin growing that herb garden you have been thinking about starting for years, this is the time to get started. From shopping for the perfect specimens to plant, to watching seeds that you have planted begin to spout, using your green thumb will inspire your creativity. Connecting with soil and investing your energy into fostering the life of another living thing will be sure to have you inspired in no time.


  • Take a trip to the water.

Whether you live right on the coast or hours from the nearest large body of water, find some body of water to visit this Spring. Even a tiny stream can provide you with a zen-like environment in which to center yourself. As the weather warms up, it may be too cold to jump in for a swim, but water has a naturally calming effect. Listening to the waves, or the water tumbling across the rocks in a fresh water environment, is a sure fire way to relax. As your mind releases the stress that it is holding, your creative juices are sure to start flowing again. The wildlife that is drawn to water can also be a source of inspiration. From birds to fish, the movement and habits of these animals can provide you with a great jumping off point for your next project.


  • Visit a butterfly garden.

You may not be aware of the fact that there are countless butterfly gardens across the United States. These miniature nature preserves serve one purpose-to ensure the continued growth and success of various specific of butterflies. Most of these gardens are open to the public, and a quick internet search can give you a list of some in your area. By filling these gardens with plants to which butterflies are drawn, the butterflies thrive. You can see amazing patterns and colors on these tiny winged insects. You may even be inspired to start your own butterfly garden at home. By planting certain flowering bushes that are attractive to butterfly species local to your area, you can have your own colony of butterflies visiting your backyard in no time!


  • Start bird watching.

As birds begin to lay eggs and hatch their young, they will become extremely active. Now is a great time to invest in a bird watching guide. Several apps are available for as little as .99 cents that can help you identify birds based on their colors, wing span, and even the sounds that they make. As you identify birds, you can check them off your list and strive to see each bird native to your area. You can increase the feathered visitors to your own home by investing in a bird bath and some bird seed. An inexpensive way to create a bird feeder is to take a pine cone, coat it with peanut butter using a disposable spoon or knife, and then sprinkle it with bird seed. Hang the feeder from a tree using clear fishing line, and watch the birds flock to your backyard. These beautiful creatures, and their inspiring songs, will help you connect with your creative side.


  • Invest in fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers will begin to appear at low prices at virtually every grocery store, market, and specialty store in your area as Spring grows near. Every time you go out for milk or a coffee, grab a bouquet that calls to you. Place the flowers in a nice vase, or even a tall water glass, and position them so that they are visible from the area where you do your creative work. The aromas of the flowers, and the beautiful colors, will keep you inspired even when you are getting tired. Rotate in a new bouquet every few days.


  • Let the sunshine in.

Open up the curtains. Crack the blinds. Throw open the windows. As the hours of sunlight increase, and the sun gets warmer and brighter, cash in on the rays. Sunlight not only provides vitamin D and can help draw you out of a winter funk, it will help you stay more awake and alert as you work.