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The VR (Virtual Reality) Craze

How do you like walking through a haunted house without fear of being hurt? How fun is flying an airplane in acrobatic maneuvers with no danger of a crash? What about racing on the Grand Prix? Would you like to go rock climbing with no fear of falling? How would you like to go to a werewolf party? The hottest trend in computer gaming currently is virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) refers to technologies that use software to create fantastic images, sounds, and other sensations that make the viewer feel as if he or she is at some real place, imaginary place, or science fiction scene. VR is an immersive simulation captured in 3-D. The viewer can look around the imaginary world and interact with elements in that world.

One way to experience virtual reality gaming is through bio-sensing. The player wears a glove or attaches sensors to the whole body, and participates in the game or activity as if he or she were there. A computer interprets the player’s movements, analyzes them, and portrays them in the game or on the screen. The player becomes part of the action of the game. The player enjoys the thrills and safety of an “immersive experience” in the game or drama.

Virtual reality is just taking off in the gaming and training worlds, and innovations will continue to emerge in the immediate future. With major corporations coming out with their own virtual reality hardware, like Oculus Rift, Vive, and PlayStation, the opportunities for new games and applications is exploding. While Need for Speed VR and Rogue Mission I VR were top sellers this holiday season, the next new game will be created by people who enjoy the games and can come up with their own concept and tasks for players to accomplish. People just like you will create the next generation of VR games.

As virtual reality applications become more popular and prevalent, a host of virtual reality designers and engineers will be needed. Preparation for this lucrative career in the gaming world can be found at Broadview Entertainment Arts University in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Design program. This program will give students the knowledge, technical expertise, and professional competency to create successful games and virtual reality apps for the media and entertainment industries.

At BEAU, you can specialize in camera operations and basic editing, game concept art, basic idea development and storyboarding, or basic drawing. Game concept art specialization teaches students how to create the characters and worlds that make up game foundations. It allows them to learn how and practice representing their ideas through two-dimensional and three-dimensional treatments. In the idea development and storyboarding specialization, students can use scripting software and writing techniques, importing scripts into storyboarding software. Basic drawing skills and shot composition, sequential art, and animation, and other visual mediums.

Students can also specialize in comic and sequential art, where they can develop skill and knowledge to turn characters, environments, and dialogues into stories. Instructors at BEAU are experienced industry professionals who bring their real-world knowledge to the classroom and studio, and mentor students to become professionals themselves. The networking and activities students participate in at Broadview will allow them to learn the nuts and bolts of the comic book industry and the advantages and drawbacks of the self-publishing industry. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program may take courses in sequential arts publishing, graphic novel creation and publishing, fantasy drawing and how to do it well, and creating comic books. These courses allow students to move into lucrative careers as storyboard artists, cartoonists, character designers for games, concept illustrators, graphic novel creators, syndicated comic artists and screenwriters. Programs at BEAU will help prepare students for creating gaming programs and learning the latest innovations in virtual reality games and programs.

Another program at BEAU that teaches industry-standard technologies like virtual reality gaming is professional audio engineering. This Associate of Applied Science degree includes courses in pro tools, studio audio engineering, and production. Learning how to produce the sounds and music for games and virtual reality application backgrounds will be an important part of future game innovations. This program at BEAU can lead students to a career as a music producer, audio engineer, audio or video technician, or sound professional in visual productions. The degree also includes a career capstone course that focuses on career exploration, job search tools, and professionalism to enable the BEAU graduate to transition quickly from student to professional.

BEAU also offers internships that provide the necessary experience for landing a career and career mobility in new technological creative careers. Internships can open doors for employment as well. These internships are built on experiences in BEAU’s comic studios, animation studios, and specialty studio creations like Too Many Legs, a creation from Track 36 Studios that students at BEAU have been working on creating. These applied learning opportunities available at BEAU set it apart from other institutions that have game design programs.

Whatever your talents and passions, a career based on a fine arts or applied arts degree from BEAU will allow you to enter a career of the future with cutting-edge skills and experience for the future innovations in technology. Working in gaming, music production, or art makes work an enjoyable experience and not a chore. Students can fulfill their dreams of being part of the gaming world or other productions with a degree from BEAU. The sophisticated equipment and award winning instructors available at BEAU will allow you not just to earn a degree, but excel in skills needed for game creation and other artistic endeavors. Students can follow their passions in arts courses at BEAU, and enjoy their studies and outlets for their creativity and skills every day throughout their college experience. What they learn and excel in at BEAU will help them to reach the peak of a game creation or other arts application career. There is nothing more enjoyable than doing what you love every day.