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Hardware Store Tools Every Artist Needs

When completing a sketch that needs depth, it may be difficult to achieve the look that you want. You may have tried to use traditional graph paper to help you achieve the dimensions that you seek. However, there is a better tool available now. Did you know that they make graph paper with diagonal lines instead of perpendicular lines? This inexpensive graph paper makes isometric images a piece of cake. Look for Isometric Drawing Pads at your nearest art supply or office supply store.

Another tool that can do wonders for your drawings is a professional grade protractor made for carpenters. While you may have used a T-bevel before to draw, a 12 miter protractor is a much better tool for drawing angle. The 12-inch legs make it easy to use on larger sketches, and the tight hinge makes it stay in place for your drawing. You can capture any angle with this tool. Look for it at your hobby store, woodworking supply store, or online.

Trying to evenly space items on your sketches or 3-dimensional projects may take too much math and figuring for you! An easier way to do this is with a Point to Point tool. This accordion-like apparatus will stretch out from end to end, leaving marking points that are evenly spaced effortlessly.  You can even use it to hang coat hooks or bookshelves at home or even in the kitchen to cut cakes into even pieces!

You may think of a hot glue gun as a tool for crafts, but it can be invaluable for other projects as well. For 3-dimensional projects, a glue gun can be used to hold parts together, and it will even hold them together through sanding and shaping. If you hot glue one end of two items, you can slide them apart to make a daisy-like shape without breaking them. It will help you glue small parts together without worrying that they will not stay together. If something breaks, hot glue it back together, and nails or a redo will not be necessary. If you consider hot glue guns as too messy with glue strings and gobs of glue left behind, no worries. You can easily remove unwanted glue by using a sharp chisel or razor knife. You can sand any that is left over for a smooth finish.

Do you have too many art supplies and bits and pieces of projects left over that you may be able to use in a future project and not much storage space? While art supply storage bins can be pricey, you can substitute a standing tool chest like the ones mechanics use. These tool chests have many drawers, and they can hold heavier tools and items that you may use in your projects. Many of them even roll from place to place. Not only can you use them for storage, but some even have electrical outlets and USB ports on them! The best part is these are usually easily found used at yard sales and flea markets as mechanics or homeowners upgrade to a bigger or newer chest!