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Deals on Creative Supplies

As the year comes to a close, it is a good time to take stock of your current stash of creative supplies. If you spend a few hours making a detailed inventory of exactly what you have and, more importantly, what you need to buy or replace, you can cash in on some amazing deals to ensure that you have another great year of creating. Regardless of your chosen craft, there are several ways that you can find deals on creative supplies:

  1. Check sales papers. This may sound obvious, but when the rest of the world is focused on purchasing gifts for others, basic creative supply sales often take a hit. These products will fly off the shelves again in January as people take up new hobbies as they implement their New Year’s Resolutions, but, until then, you can find outrageous deals on items that you may need.
  2. Look for new releases of software and hardware. Some companies find that the best time to release a new ideation of their software or hardware is around the holidays. Having something to offer that is shiny and new around this time of year can lead to increased sales and can even allow them to get away with offering the updated version of their product at a higher price point. This works in your favor because as they offer the new version, the older version often drops drastically in price. If you are working from a few models back, this can be a great time to upgrade to a newer device or program.  
  3. Visit your local stores to check for closeouts. As art and computer supply stores stock the shelves for the holidays and prepare to close their books for another fiscal year, they often take a long hard look at the products they carry to determine which products aren’t being profitable. Often, these are spectacular products, but for any number of reasons, they just aren’t selling like they should. Sometimes, the store has just elected to carry too many brands of a given item. As stores decide which products to take off of shelves for the next year and which new products to add, they may elect to place products on closeout. This means that they will offer the product at a fraction of the cost, sometimes only slightly above the wholesale cost, so that they do not take a loss on the product and so that it will move quickly off of the shelves. This is an amazing time to cash in on great deals. If you don’t see any closeout on the shelves, don’t forget to ask the clerks if there are any closeout products in the back that you can purchase at a discount.  
  4. Sell the products you aren’t using to buy new products that you will use. If you are a typical creative, you have dabbled in some medium this year that you decided didn’t interest you. Instead of letting the supplies you purchase sit on your shelf and get dusty, you need to list it on Craigslist or offer it for sale to your friends to get extra cash to invest in items that you use on a consistent basis.  

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