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We Care: Embodying the BEAU Vision

The vision of BEAU University is “We Care.” The university cares about students, our employees, and those who hire BEAU’s graduate. Our desire is to make sure that all students are prepared to work and reach success in their chosen profession and life as good citizens. Not only is the curriculum career oriented, but the focus of each degree program is on creating community-minded students and graduates. As a student or potential student of BEAU, how can you embody the “We Care” vision? It is easier that you may think. As a student at BEAU, you should demonstrate that you care with action. You cannot care, and then sit by and do nothing. True caring is reflected in actions that you take.

As a student at BEAU, you can embody the vision of “we care” by demonstrating caring actions toward your fellow students. You can do this by the following steps:

  • Being respectful of fellow students’ opinions and needs.
  • Remaining positive with other students both online and in person.
  • Having an open mind, and respecting other’s beliefs, passions, and cultural differences. If you have a closed mind, it is impossible to demonstrate care and respect for fellow students.
  • Being considerate of your fellow student and their needs. If you are part of a group completing an assignment, do you make sure that you complete your share of the project and make sure that it is quality work and done promptly?
  • Helping a fellow student when asked. Would you offer to help a student whom you recognize as struggling in an area that is easy for you even if you are not asked?

Besides showing that you care about fellow students, you can also demonstrate caring actions toward BEAU employees. You can do that in the following ways:

  • Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave a mess for a custodian to clean up. Take pride in your campus and show that you value those who keep a clean, welcoming campus.
  • Be polite to all staff. You need to treat secretarial staff as well as you treat the professor who is giving you your grade. The campus security officer who gives you a ticket for illegally parking or the tech staff that troubleshoots your internet connection or password access are equally important to your success. Showing that you realize the contribution of all staff to BEAU and your performance as a student is critical in demonstrating a caring attitude.

You can exemplify the caring attitude of BEAU by your community support. Find an organization that lines up with your values and beliefs. You can think about those issues that excite you, and make yourself available to support those community groups that agree with you. You can volunteer at a homeless shelter, at an animal shelter, at a tutoring center for children or another organization. You can participate in a walk for breast cancer or ALS or a Color Run to support a local public school. You can donate your time, your money, your support, or even your discarded goods to support those organizations that are vital to your community.