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Getting Inspiration from Family During the Holidays

During the holidays, you may like to take time away from your craft, especially if you have taken the time to create homemade gifts for most of the individuals on your gift list. However, as you get together with your family, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to get inspired. If you have ever seen a classic holiday comedy like Home Alone or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you know that family get-togethers can be wild and hilarious breeding grounds for stories that will be told for generations to come. The same events and personalities that inspire those stories can inspire you as you create. Here are several strategies to help you make the most of your holiday visit.

  • Bring a guest with you.

This guest is going to serve as your reliable witness. As a long-time member of your family, you may not recognize how crazy Aunt Sharon’s conversation with the tree is or how funny Uncle Burt’s gag gifts are. Your guest can bring fresh perspective to the events that transpire and can help you remember the crazy things that happen when you are revisiting the stories later for inspiration. Additionally, watching your family try and be on their best behavior for guests can lead to some crazy shenanigans, too.

  • Throw some competition into the mix.

Bring a board game. Turn on a highly contentious football game. Invest in one of the viral games that spawn YouTube hits like the whip cream face game or the dental guard mouth game – whatever you need to inspire a bit of friendly competition between the family. If your family isn’t wild enough without competition, throwing them into a battle will surely help their dynamic personalities come out to play.

  • Ask to see old family pictures.

In addition to getting some great Throwback Thursday shots for social media, old photos lead to great stories. Your family members will love revisiting the old days, and the stories that go with these photos are often priceless. From comedic stories about long forgotten friends to reflective tales about family members that are dearly missed, these moments are what the holidays are all about.

  • Take a trip.

You don’t even have to leave town. Drive to Wal-Mart. Go to midnight mass. Visit the local outdoor passion play. Go to the local buffet. Wherever you go, pack up the entire family. Seeing your family gather their belongings and pack up the cars can provide laughs all on its own, but watching them out in the wild is enjoyable also.

  • Take tons of videos and photos.

Don’t miss opportunities to catch candid photos and videos of your family interacting with one another or napping on the couch after Christmas dinner. These videos and photos will provide great inspiration long after the holidays are over. Watching your family members can fill you with joy and provide you with heartwarming feelings as you remember the great time that you had with your family celebrating the end of another year.