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Pet Art: A Growing Niche

Everyone loves their pets. A quick scroll through Instagram or Facebook will show floods of cute animal photos. As pets have transitioned from serving a purpose as a mere watchdog or children’s playmate into full-fledged family members, the commercial opportunities available for people interested in catering to pet owners has exploded. For example, there are dog bakeries that sell treats that only dogs can consume. There are cat bookstores where cat owners can bring their cats in to snooze as they read. Pet and owner workout classes are available in all major cities. Pet spas, too. Not to mention the wildly popular pet daycare, where you can drop your pet off, just like you would your child, so that it can have socialization, playtime, and exercise during the workday. Some of the most popular pet daycares even have video feeds so that you can login and stream video of your pet throughout the day. None of these services come with a cheap price tag. Pet daycare can cost as much as $800/month.


As an artist, there are ways that you can cash in on the pet parent trend. Depending on your preferred medium, you can find a service to offer individuals looking to spoil their pets or themselves. For example, if you are a photographer, you can schedule pet photo sessions. Offering a variety of backgrounds and costumes for the photographs, and even seasonal spreads at Christmas, Halloween, and other consumer-focused holidays, can provide you with some quick cash. If you prefer to paint or draw, you can offer pet portraits. Some artists choose to meet the animal in person so that they are better able to translate the pet’s personality into the work, but others work solely through photographs to paint or sketch the perfect piece of art.


Videographers and film makers can also cash in on this trend. While some pet owners may want videos of their own pets, the more typical request is for the artist to make videos for the pets to watch. For cats, videos of birds, bells, or other sights and sounds that appeal to the pet could be included. For dogs, clips of cats, ducks, or even flying tennis balls may make the perfect must-watch programming.

If you know how to sew, you can sew everything from pet beds to custom collars and clothing pieces. Embroidered blankets and crate covers are also quick sellers. If you are able to create your own pottery, or even paint and fire existing pieces, you have the option to create one-of-a-kind water and food dishes. Combine these creations with your woodworking skills to make water and food dish holders or even custom pet houses. Similarly, you can use an easy metal etching tutorial from the internet and etch pet names or simple images into basic metal water and food dishes that you can pick up at any big box store. Those interested in fiber arts can also knit or crochet pet beds, sweaters, booties, and other cozy items. The possibilities are endless!