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Interning with the Stars

Actresses and actors. Smoke pouring out of the hallway. Post-apocalyptic soldiers with fake guns. These seem to have become standard fare for BEAU as the first floor of our campus has been turned into a film set for the upcoming title Juarez 2045. It’s been very exciting for students to see big names in the industry like Danny Trejo (Machete, Muppets Most Wanted, Breaking Bad), producer Gabriel Napora (Elysium, District 9) and Alex Heartman (Red Power Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai), but it’s been even more exciting for some students to help make the film. 

Over the last few weeks, BEAU students have been able to intern and work directly with this group. We sat down with two students, Dana Austin and Seth Kunz, to find out more about their experience.

This must be very exciting for you. Can you tell us what kind of tasks and projects you’ve been put in charge of?

Dana: I’m interning for the line producer of Juarez 2045. Basically I run around and make sure fires are put out and that talent are where they need to be. 

Seth: My role was working with the director of photography.

What have been some of the challenges?

Dana: Deadlines. The Director wants to film. Producers are yelling and asking for things. Set timers and I had to tell the producer every ten minutes how much time they had. It’s literally down to each minute. They work on SAG, so they need to get as many hours out of the people as they possibly can.

Who do you work with?

Dana: I worked under Dave Tucker and Gabriel Napora. I reported between the two. I was also able to work with Danny Trejo.

Seth: My role was working with the director of photography, which was really intense because he had to find where the director goes and how to get the shots. I was working closely with him. I learned a lot on the film personally about how to paint with light and what gels need to be used. 

Do you feel that your classes here at BEAU helped you with the internship?

Dana:  Yes. Dave Tucker really enjoyed us helping them because we could get stuff done the way they needed it. 

Have you found your time at BEAU helpful in preparing you for your career?

Seth: This is my third week in school. I can’t believe the opportunity at a career that BEAU has provided. I went to two other colleges before coming here,and it was nothing like the teachers, classes and opportunities I’ve found here.

Dana: I’ve enjoyed the class sizes and the teachers. This has been an awesome opportunity to make the connections we have made and get our foot in the door. We’re very lucky to have been able to establish those connections.