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Why Is Sundance Swag Important for Business?

Sundance, BEAUThe Sundance Film Festival happens once a year. Movies are bought and sold as entertainment commodities for hundreds of aspiring filmmakers, but something that is just as popular as the silver screen presentations are the myriad private parties, lounges and “who’s who” events that blanket the small town of Park City, Utah.

Quite often, celebrities are found gossiping not about the greatest film they’ve seen but rather the collection of “swag” from this lounge or that party. In fact, swag has become synonymous with film festivals, award shows, and private social gatherings and can even be the focal point of any event rather than the event itself.

This year, BEAU (Broadview Entertainment Arts University) had the opportunity to partner with the Independent Film Makers Lounge, and from what we saw, the lounge featured some of the most talked about swag during Sundance.

A little history lesson: The term “swag” is an acronym for souvenirs, wearables, and gifts, and this year’s Independent Film Makers Lounge nailed it. Starting with a Black Clover tote bag handed out as celebrities and filmmakers piled into the lounge, one frequent attendee, Cory Feldman (“Goonies”, “Stand by Me”, “The Lost Boys”), anxiously emptied the contents of the bag onto the bright orange lounge couches adjacent to the BEAU exhibit area.

Sundance, BEAUThe swag bag included unique products from around the country; compact discs from budding artists such as Brett Turner, Nedy Got Music and Candice Graham; popular inserts like Agent18 iPhone covers; Stampin’ Up kits; Rockwell watches and clothing; High Energy Labs electro amino tablets; Reita Johnston’s Ultimate Body Applicator; and even a hangover remedy called Forgiven.

The swag bag also included personal products from Gingermade, Shark Tank winner Dallas Robinson’s Kisstixx, Super Gawk screen cleaner, jewelry by Three Keys, beanies from Black Clover apparel, Cricket Bars by Chapul, art work from Steve Moffett, and one of our favorite books, “Stereotypical Freaks” by Howard Shapiro. However, the biggest hit from the lounge had to be the high-end boots by Teva.

Why give all that product away, you ask? There is a phrase often used to describe gifting lounges: A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, product in the hands of a producer, director, or celebrity while attending a lounge is open game for hundreds of publicity photos to be used by those donating the product or in most cases paying to have their product showcased.   

Sundance, BEAUOur hat goes off to the producers of the Independent Film Makers Lounge for their foresight and creativity, which has landed them in the pages of Sundance history as being one of the most epic lounges during the festival. BEAU is proud to have been a part of it!